How to Clean Nubuck Leather Couch

Nubuck leather couches are ideal pieces of furniture because they provide a luxurious look and feel while still being easy to care for. They are also relatively low-maintenance as compared to other types of upholstery.

How to Clean Nubuck Leather Couch

The unique texture of nubuck leather is achieved by lightly brushing the surface with a special brush, making it soft and velvety. This finish makes it more susceptible to dirt and staining, but fortunately, it can be easily cleaned with a few simple steps. Cleaning your nubuck leather couch regularly will help to maintain its appearance and extend its life.

As with any type of leather, one of the main advantages of cleaning nubuck leather is that it will not damage or discolor the material. Nubuck leather is known for its soft and luxurious feel, making it an ideal choice for couches, chairs, and other furniture pieces.

Cleaning nubuck leather can help preserve its look and texture over time. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to clean nubuck leather couch.

How Often Should You Clean Your Nubuck Leather Couch? 

A regular cleaning routine is key when it comes to keeping your Nubuck leather couch looking its best. How often you should clean depends on how much wear and tear the furniture receives, but at least once every 2-3 months is recommended. If you have pets or small children who are regularly using the couch, more frequent cleaning may be necessary.

When you clean your Nubuck leather couch, it is important to use the right products and techniques to ensure that it doesn’t become damaged in the process.

Vacuuming is a great way to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the material, but make sure that you don’t use an attachment with a brush head, as this can cause damage. Use an upholstery cleaner specifically designed for Nubuck leather to remove more stubborn dirt and stains. This will help keep your couch looking great for many years.

When You Clean Your Nubuck Leather Couch

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Clean Nubuck Leather Couch

Step 1: Inspect the Leather Couch

Before you start cleaning, inspect the couch for any signs of damage or discoloration. If there are any areas that need special attention, treat them before cleaning the entire piece. Start by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the leather couch. Use the brush attachment to reach into crevices and seams.

Step 2: Remove Stains from the Couch

Mix a solution of mild soap and warm water, and apply it to any stains on the couch with a soft cloth. Work in small circles, starting at the outer edges of the stain before working your way toward the center. Use a specialized cleaner designed specifically for nubuck leather to clean the surface of the couch. Follow the instructions on the bottle, and work in small sections at a time.

Step 3: Rinse Away Excess Cleaner

After you have used the cleaner, rinse away any remaining residue with a damp cloth. Allow the couch to air-dry completely before moving on to the next step. Use a conditioner specially designed for nubuck leather to moisturize and protect the surface of the couch. Follow the instructions on the bottle and apply it evenly to the entire surface of the couch.

Step 4: Allow Conditioner to Soak In

Give the conditioner time to soak into the leather, usually about 10-15 minutes, before buffing away any excess with a clean cloth. Make sure to keep your leather couch clean and conditioned regularly, as this will help prevent dirt and debris from becoming embedded in the leather.

Give the Conditioner 
Time to Soak Into Leather

Now that you have successfully cleaned and conditioned your nubuck leather couch, enjoy it for years to come.

Tips for How to Clean Nubuck Leather Couch

  1. Always test the cleaning product on a small area to ensure it won’t cause discoloration or damage to your leather couch before using it over the entire surface.
  2. Use a soft-bristled brush or vacuum with an upholstery attachment to regularly remove dust and dirt particles from your couch.
  3. Gently wipe away surface stains with a soft, damp cloth and appropriate leather cleaner.
  4. Use only professional-grade cleaning products specifically made for leather furniture, as general cleaners may cause damage to your couch.
  5. Avoid using water; it can break down the natural oils that protect the nubuck leather from wear and tear.
  6. Use a leather conditioner to restore the color and protect the surface of your leather couch after regular cleaning.
  7. Keep your leather couch away from direct sunlight, as UV rays can cause discoloration and fading over time.
  8. Avoid putting too much pressure on the nubuck leather when wiping down or vacuuming, as this can cause the material to stretch or tear.

By following the above tips, you can keep your nubuck leather couch looking like new for years to come. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll be sure to enjoy your beautiful furniture for many years to come.

How Can You Remove Stains From Your Nubuck Leather Couch? 

Stains on a Nubuck leather couch can be difficult to remove as the material is more delicate and porous than other types of leather. Regular maintenance and spot-cleaning are necessary to keep your sofa looking its best. To remove stains from nubuck leather, you should use a combination of gentle cleaning solutions and specialized tools.

Remove Stains From Nubuck Leather

Start by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any surface dirt or debris from the couch. Next, prepare a cleaning solution of mild soap and warm water in equal parts. Use a damp cloth to apply the solution to the stained area, working gently in circular motions until the stain is gone. Finally, dry the area with a towel and use a clean brush to raise the nap of the nubuck leather.

How Do You Prevent Your Nubuck Leather Couch From Getting Dirty? 

To keep your nubuck leather couch looking its best, there are some steps you can take to prevent dirt and grime from settling into the nap.

  • Start by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove any surface debris or dust. You can also use an upholstery brush or lint roller to remove pet hair or crumbs.
  • Invest in a good quality leather protector to help repel dirt, grime, and oil. Before applying the product, test it on an inconspicuous area of your couch first and allow the product to dry to ensure that it won’t discolor the leather before you apply it liberally over the entire surface.
  • Place a throw or blanket over your couch when it is not in use to protect it from wear and tear. Cotton throws are ideal for this as they will allow air to circulate beneath the fabric, helping keep your leather clean and supple for longer periods.
  • Place coasters under all drinks that are served on your nubuck leather couch. This will help to protect the surface from staining or discoloration due to spills.
  • Place a rug or mat beneath the couch to catch any dirt and grime that may be tracked in on shoes and clothing.

By taking these preventative steps, you can help keep your nubuck leather couch looking clean and fresh for years to come.

How Can You Protect Your Nubuck Leather Couch From Fading and Wear? 

One of the most important ways to protect your nubuck leather couch from fading and wear is to condition it regularly. A good quality leather conditioner should be applied every few months in order to keep the leather looking its best. This will help preserve the natural oils and moisture in the leather and help prevent cracking and fading.

Protecting the leather from direct sunlight is also important, as this can cause premature fading and cracking. If your couch is near a window, you may want to consider applying a UV protective film or blinds to keep the leather safe from damaging rays.

Protecting the Leather From Direct Sunlight

In addition, it is important to regularly vacuum your nubuck leather couch in order to remove dust and dirt particles that can cause damage over time. Vacuuming every couple of weeks should be sufficient, but if you have pets or children who use the furniture often, you may need to vacuum it more frequently.


Nubuck leather is more difficult to clean than other types of leather. It is also more susceptible to staining and discoloration. Nubuck leather should be cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis to maintain its appearance and prolong its life.

In conclusion, correctly cleaning a nubuck leather couch is important to maintain its luxurious, long-lasting look. Start by vacuuming your sofa weekly and spot-clean it when needed with mild soap and water or dedicated nubuck cleaner.

Additionally, you should use a brush to restyle the nap of the leather after each cleaning session. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to clean nubuck leather couch. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically. 

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