How to Get Wrinkles Out of Pleather

Pleather is a durable fabric that can be used to make clothing and accessories, furniture covers, car seating, and more. It’s great for those who want a vegan-friendly alternative to leather, as it looks and feels very similar but costs much less. Unfortunately, pleather often becomes wrinkled over time due to its lack of elasticity.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Pleather

If you’re a fan of pleather, you know that it can give your wardrobe a stylish and modern look. But unfortunately, this luxurious fabric can also be prone to wrinkles – making it difficult to maintain its polished appearance. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to get wrinkles out of pleather.

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Get Wrinkles Out of Pleather   

Step 1:  Inspect the Wrinkled Pleather Item 

Check for any signs of cracking or damage. If the material is cracked or damaged, then take it to a professional leather repair shop or discard it.

Step 2: Test Heat and Steam on a Hidden Area

Find an area on the pleather item that is hidden, such as the underside or interior of the pleather item. Gently heat up this spot using any type of hair dryer. If it begins to melt or crack, then discontinue the use of heat and steam.

Step 3: Use a Steamer

Fill a steamer with water and gently place the head of the steamer over the pleather item. Move it back and forth to distribute heat and steam evenly. Keep an eye on the material for any signs of cracking or melting; if so, stop using the steamer immediately.

If using a hairdryer, adjust the heat setting to low and gradually increase it until you find a suitable level for your leather item. Apply the warm air onto the fabric in short bursts. Avoid keeping the dryer in one spot for an extended period of time.

Step 4: Iron the Pleather Item

If using an iron, ensure it is set to low heat and cover the pleather item with a thin cloth or towel before ironing. Do not leave the iron in one spot for too long, as this could cause damage to the material. Move it around gently to evenly distribute the heat and steam.

Once most of the wrinkles have been removed, stop using the iron or dryer and allow the pleather item to air dry completely. Once it is completely dry, check for any remaining wrinkles.

Step 5: Use an Upholstery Brush

Once the pleather item has dried, use a soft upholstery brush or vacuum attachment to buff and fluff any remaining wrinkles out of the fabric. This will help maintain the material’s shape and keep it looking fresh and new for longer.

Use a Soft Upholstery Brush

Step 6: Protect the Pleather Item

To protect the pleather item from further damage, apply a leather conditioner or protectant to it. This will help to prevent cracking and drying out of the material and keep it looking new for longer.

Step 7: Store Properly

When storing pleather items, ensure they are not exposed to too much heat or direct sunlight. This can cause the material to crack and fade. Store leather items in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use.

Step 8: Clean Regularly

To keep your leather item looking its best, clean it regularly with a gentle detergent and a damp cloth. Wipe away any dust or dirt that accumulates on the fabric, and use a leather conditioner to keep it looking fresh and new for longer.

You Can Check It Out to Dry Leather Gloves

Clean It Regularly With a Gentle Detergent

Tips for How to Get Wrinkles Out of Pleather   

  1. Wear protective gloves and safety goggles when ironing pleather items.
  2. Prepare a work area by placing a heavy cloth or towel over the pleather item you will iron, with the wrinkles facing up.
  3. Set your steam iron on low heat and start pressing the fabric from one end to the other. Use short, light strokes, and be sure not to linger in one spot.
  4. If the wrinkles are still present after ironing, flip the item over and use a warm cloth or rolling pin to press out any stubborn wrinkles gently.
  5. To eliminate dirt build-up, use a dry brush to remove surface soil from pleather items.
  6. Never machine wash or dry your pleather item, as it can cause damage to the fibers.
  7. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or solvents when cleaning pleather items.
  8. Store your pleather item in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

How Can You Clean and Maintain the Appearance of Your Pleather Fabric? 

Pleather, also known as faux leather or vegan leather, is a popular synthetic fabric used in clothing, upholstery, and accessories. Its affordability, breathability, and water resistance make it a great choice for everyday use. However, like other fabrics, pleather can get wrinkled over time. Fortunately, there are several ways to get wrinkles out of the pleather and maintain its appearance.

If your pleather is slightly wrinkled, hanging the fabric in a steamy bathroom or using a steamer may be enough to remove the wrinkles. If you don’t have access to a garment steamer, you can hang your pleather item near a running shower and allow the steam to do its job.

Pleather is Slightly Wrinkled

When cleaning leather, use a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild detergent to remove dirt and debris. You can also spot-treat stains with a cleaner specifically formulated for faux leather or upholstery. It is important to test any cleaners on an inconspicuous area of your fabric first to make sure it won’t damage the pleather.

How Can You Assess the Age and Condition of Pleather Fabric? 

Pleather is a durable, long-lasting fabric that can be used for many different applications. However, it is important to consider the age and condition of pleather fabric before attempting to get wrinkles out of it. Over time, the pleather becomes brittle or fragile, making it difficult to remove wrinkles without damaging the material.

When assessing the age and condition of pleather fabric, look for signs of wear, such as cracking, fading, or discoloration. Discoloration can be caused by exposure to direct sunlight or other heat sources. Additionally, it may be too old and fragile to attempt wrinkle removal if the pleather is stiff when touched or has a “squeaky” sound when it rubs together.

If the leather is in good condition, then it can likely handle some wrinkle-removal techniques. However, if you find that the pleather is brittle or fragile, it’s best to avoid applying wrinkle-removal methods as they might cause further damage. In this case, it’s best to seek advice from a professional who can provide more appropriate solutions.  

Is It Necessary to Call Any Professional to Get Wrinkles Out of Pleather? 

Many people believe that it is necessary to call a professional to get wrinkles out of the pleather. However, this is not the case. A few easy steps can be followed to remove wrinkles from the pleather. First, ensure that the pleather is clean and free of any dirt or debris. Next, dampen a cloth with distilled water and gently blot the wrinkled area. Once the area is damp, use a credit card or other object to smooth out the wrinkles.

Finally, allow the area to dry completely before use. These simple steps make it possible to remove wrinkles from the pleather without professional help.

How Much Will It Cost if You Hire a Professional? 

Hiring a professional is recommended if you want to get the wrinkles out of your pleather in a timely and professional manner. Professional dry cleaning services specializing in leather goods can easily remove wrinkles from pleather. The cost will depend on the item’s size and the cleaning needed, but it typically ranges between $20 and $50.

Hiring a professional leather furniture upholsterer or seamstress for more complicated pleather wrinkles is also possible. In this case, expect to pay between $200 and $300 for the job, depending on the item’s size and the complexity of the wrinkles.

Remove Wrinkles From Pleather

No matter your route, hiring a professional is the best way to get wrinkles out of the pleather. Their expertise will ensure that your garments or furniture are taken care of properly and that the wrinkles are removed without damaging the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Steam Wrinkles Out of Pleather?

There is no scientific evidence to support claims that steaming will effectively remove wrinkles from pleather. Anecdotal evidence suggests that if a wrinkle is small and does not affect the overall appearance of the item, then steaming may be able to help smooth it out. However, larger wrinkles or those that affect the overall appearance of the item may not be successfully smoothed out by steaming.

Is There Anyway to Restore Pleather?

The best way to restore pleather may vary depending on the severity of the damage and the type of pleather. However, some simple steps that may be helpful include:

1. Remove any existing debris and dust with a vacuum cleaner and/or a broom.

2. Apply a degreaser to the area to be cleaned and scrub with a stiff brush.

3. Rinse the area thoroughly with water and dry it off.

4. Apply a coat of paint or sealant to the surface to be coated and let it dry.

5. Once the coat of paint or sealant has dried, apply another coat if desired.

Can I Use Vinegar on Pleather?

You can use vinegar on pleather, but be sure to test the recipe first to make sure it is safe for your leather. Vinegar is a natural solvent and can cause damage to the leather if it is not applied properly. Follow the instructions in the recipe carefully to avoid any damage.

Will Rubbing Alcohol Damage Pleather?

The effects of rubbing alcohol on pleather may vary depending on the type and condition of the pleather. Some users have reported that rubbing alcohol can damage pleather by weakening the leather’s surface and causing it to crack and peel. If you are concerned about the potential damage that rubbing alcohol may cause to your pleather, it may be a good idea to test a small area of the pleather first before applying any large amounts of the substance. If you do decide to use rubbing alcohol on your pleather, be sure to apply it in a light and careful manner to avoid damaging the entire garment.


Getting wrinkles out of pleather is an easy task that can be completed with the proper tools and techniques. With a few simple steps, you can remove the wrinkles from pleather materials without leaving any damage or discoloration behind. 

By regularly taking care of your pleather fabric, you can protect it from future wear and tear while maintaining its original attractive appearance. With the right approach and a bit of patience, you can easily get wrinkles out of pleather materials in no time.

I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to get wrinkles out of pleather. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically.

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