Best Leather Cleaner to Remove Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be a lifesaver in the summertime, but it can also be a major headache when it comes to cleaning. If you’ve ever spilled sunscreen on your leather furniture or clothing, you know the struggle of trying to get that greasy stain out.

Best Leather Cleaner to Remove Sunscreen

Luckily, there are ways to remove sunscreen stains from leather without damaging the material. Read on to learn how to select and use the best leather cleaner to remove sunscreen.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Leather Cleaner to Remove Sunscreen

1. Fuller Brush Leather Cleaner Conditioner

Fuller Brush Leather Cleaner Conditioner – Removes Surface Dirt & Protects Against Drying – Natural Oils Restore Appearance – Penetrates, Softens & Lubricates Leather Surfaces (Refill Bottle)

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  • Superior Cleaning: Fuller’s Leather Cleaner Conditioner is specially formulated to quickly and safely lift away dirt and soils from leather and vinyl on furniture, auto interiors, luggage, saddlery, jackets and handbags, as well as vinyl surfaces and moldings on vehicles.
  • Conditions Surfaces: Containing the finest natural oils to restore a new appearance and natural feel, the Fuller Brush Leather Cleaner Conditioner penetrates, softens and lubricates surfaces to help make scratches and abrasions less visible.
  • Easy to Use: Spray the Leather Cleaner Conditioner onto a clean, soft dry cloth, such as Fuller’s Specialty Suede Microfiber Cloths (sold separately). Rub the surface using a circular motion, then buff it lightly with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Cleans Without Residue: The natural oil formula cleans and conditions leather and vinyl surfaces, safely removing surface dirt and protecting against drying. And best of all, it leaves no oily or greasy residue behind.
  • Trusted Brand: Since 1906, Fuller Brush has provided high-quality, American-made products that are designed to work and built to last. Whether you're looking for cleaning tips or the specific cleaning products to do the job, Fuller Brush has you covered!

Fuller Brush Leather Cleaner Conditioner is an unbeatable product for caring for your leather furniture, auto interiors, and other leather surfaces. It is specifically designed to restore these items back to their original look, feel, and texture.

Using Fuller Brush Leather Cleaner Conditioner ensures superior cleaning as it quickly and safely removes dirt, dust, and grime from the surface. Unlike other cleaners, it won’t leave any residue or build-up once applied. In addition, it cleans effectively and conditions the surfaces so that any scratches or abrasions become less visible with use.

Using this product is simple – just spray onto a clean, dry cloth and then rub over the surface in a circular motion before buffing lightly with a dry cloth. The result will be renewed color, suppleness, and shine! In addition, the product contains natural oils, which protect against future wear and tear and help resist sun damage caused by UV exposure.

Use Fuller Brush Leather Cleaner Conditioner for long-term maintenance and restoration of your leather items for continued freshness that never fails to impress. Bring out the true beauty of your valuable leather items with these trusty cleaner’s conditioning properties – an effortless choice from Fuller Brush!


  • Natural oils protect against future wear and tear
  • Removes dirt, dust, and grime from the surface with ease
  • No residue or build-up left behind
  • Restores color, suppleness, and shine
  • It helps resist sun damage caused by UV exposure


  • It is best used on uncoated leather

2. Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - 22 Ounce (2 Pack) - Restores Leather Surfaces - Ultra Violet Protectants Help Prevent Cracking or Fading of Leather Furniture, Car Seats, Shoes

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  • BRING YOUR LEATHER BACK TO LIFE: Safely remove dirt, soil & residue to soften, strengthen & moisturize neglected leather.
  • EASY TO USE FORMULA: Our multi-action formula conditions & protects in one simple step to maintain and restore any finished leather surface
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use regularly on accessories such as leather, purses, shoes, boots, briefcases & handbags. Condition leather sofas, couches, and chairs to restore their beauty and suppleness.
  • UVX PROTECTION: Weiman Leather Conditioner contains UVX-15 sunscreen which protects all types of leather from sun damage, fading, drying & cracking
  • CARE FOR YOUR AUTO INTERIOR: Perfect for cleaning, protecting, and restoring your car, SUV, truck, motorcycle or Jeep seats and interior.

Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is a specially formulated product that brings your leather back to life.

Whether you want to condition car interiors, revive leather sofas, soften shoes and bags, or protect leather accessories, this easy-to-use formula does it all in one simple step!

Weiman Leather Conditioner includes UVX-15 sunscreen, which will guard against sun damage and ensure the longevity of all types of leather.

Start by simply cleaning the surface with a damp cloth like any other material. Proceed by applying a coat of weiman leather cleaner conditioner uniformly across the surface, gently massaging into the fibers for optimum absorption.

The product will immediately begin restoring its original luster and softness as it penetrates deeply into the surfaces of finished leather goods – adding an extra layer of protection while helping resist cracking due to stress and cracks from daily use.

In addition to regular conditioning and protection, the cleaner conditioner can even bring neglected materials back to life! For example, with use over time, you’ll be able to restore strength and suppleness to furniture pieces such as sofas, couches, and chairs with ease.

With Superior Cleaning Fuller’s Leather Cleaner Conditioner, your leather goods will no longer look done-in or dull – they’ll once again look vibrant and new!

For those looking to take the well-being of their transportation interior up a notch – cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, or Jeep seats included – Weiman Leather Condition has you covered! Perfect for easily cleaning tiring seats and restoring beauty in areas you didn’t think possible – making them appear brand new like never before.

Superior Cleaning Fuller’s Leather Cleaner Conditioner is definitely for anyone looking for that perfect solution for bringing old pieces back to life and protecting their future investments with one simple step!


  • It keeps leather looking new and supple
  • Easy to apply, with no hard scrubbing required
  • It contains UVX-15 sunscreen for maximum protection
  • Enhances all types of leather goods
  • Non-toxic and nonabrasive formula
  • Restores neglected pieces back to new ones!


  • High price but cheap stuff

3. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner

Leather Honey Leather Cleaner The Best Leather Cleaner for Vinyl and Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interior, Shoes and Accessories. Does Not Require Dilution. Ready to Use, 8 Ounce Bottle!

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  • Non-toxic, Gentle Cleaner: Our proven, rejuvenating formula is a powerful, fragrance-free cleaner ideal for all your leather goods. EPA Safer Choice certified
  • Clean All Types of Leather: Quickly and gently removes dirt, oil, tough stains and grime from car seats, truck seats, upholstery, furniture, handbags, purses, shoes, accessories, saddles, and tack. Effectively cleans leather of all colors, including white leather. Safe for exotic leather, faux, vinyl
  • Safe for You, Safe for Leather: Made with non-toxic, high-quality ingredients that makes your leather last longer. Safe for people, pets & your leather
  • Test & Apply: Apply leather cleaner with a lint-free cloth. No need to scrub or rub — simply wipe down and allow it to dry. Spot test on each leather item first. Not for use on suede
  • American Made and Trusted Since 1968: Our premium leather care formulas have had a cult following among leather experts, retailers and high-end car and furniture makers and enthusiasts for over 50 years.

The Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaner that is non-toxic, powerful, and odorless. Perfect for all of your leather goods, plus vinyl, faux leather, plastic, and rubber – their family owned and made in USA formula is specially formulated to get you the best clean.

The carefully crafted formula was designed to ensure that it’s strong enough to clean all kinds of dirt, oils, grime, or other dust from any leather item but gentle enough to preserve the beauty and texture of your cherished possessions – giving them a long life.

Leather Honey Leather Cleaner has provided America with an easy solution for effective and safe cleaning for over 50 years! Plus, it comes premixed, so you don’t have to worry about spilling liquids or mixing anything yourself.

They have some tips on the Bottle Label itself that instruct you on how to use our product with maximum effectiveness. With seven simple steps and only a few minutes of time invested into cleaning your leather goods with Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, you can drastically extend these items’ life!

A deep clean will provide peace of mind knowing that your materials were treated right and provide beautiful results after just one use!

With every use, keep in mind that you are also investing in the future safety of your items because cleaning with this non-chemical cleaner prevents further damage, such as cracking or discoloration from harsh chemicals found in other cleaners.

Experience an effortless clean with Leather Honey Leather Cleaner today and enjoy its powerful cleaning capabilities while enjoying the satisfaction of a chemical-free cleaning experience – do not settle for anything less than excellence when it comes to keeping your favorite objects maintained!


  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Safe on all types of leather, vinyl, faux leather, plastic, and rubber
  • Premixed cleaner for convenience
  • Powerful cleaning capabilities
  • Chemical free makes it safe for future use.


  • Not for soft genuine leather

4. Chemical Guys Sprayable Leather Cleaner

Chemical Guys SPI_103_16 Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in One for Car Interiors, Apparel, and More (Works on Natural, Synthetic, Pleather, Faux Leather and More) Leather Scent, 16 fl oz

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  • NOT JUST FOR AUTO CARE: Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner works on all things leather - seats, interiors, jackets, shoes, sneakers, boots, purses, furniture and more; everyone has something leather in their home, bring it back to life.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • DRY-TO-THE-TOUCH FORMULA: Simply mist Sprayable Leather and Conditioner directly onto the leather piece or into a cleaning towel, then buff dry with a fresh microfiber towel; The all-in-one formula cleans and removes dirt, dust, and body oils, leaving no residue
  • RESTORE WITH VITAMIN E & ALOE: Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is designed to maintain coated and natural leather; it contains Vitamin E & Aloe to restore the soft feel back to leather; A difference you can see, A smell that will make you smile
  • PH BALANCED - Sprayable Leather and Conditioner is pH balanced for quick and efficient cleaning and preserves the leather's strength, durability and appearance; Penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils
  • KEEP LEATHER LOOKING & SMELLING LIKE NEW: Replenish the natural oils and nutrients that leather needs to stay soft and supple with Sprayable Leather Cleaner & Conditioner; Cleans and nourishes leather in one sprayable step and smells great too!

The  Chemical Guys SPI_103_16 Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is the all-in-one solution for bringing even the oldest leather pieces back to life!

Perfect for auto care and your home, everyone has something in their house that’s made of leather, from jackets to shoes to furniture. Keep them looking and smelling like new with this amazing cleaner.

Made with vitamin E and aloe extracts, this conditioning formula goes dry to the touch with no sticky or slimy residue left after use. Merely mist it directly onto the desired surface or into a cleaning towel and buff it off with a microfiber cloth.

The PH-balanced formula is safe to use on all kinds of leather products without damaging them in any way while also restoring its natural shine without an artificial finish. So whether you’re an expert detailer or just getting started, this product will help clean, condition, and protect your leather goods.

Don’t let dirt and dust bring down the quality of your favorite items–use the Chemical Guys Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for amazing results every time! Revive old pieces and keep previous ones looking their best with a few sprays of this delightful formula. Check out this leather miracle today!


  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Safe on all types of leather
  • Easy sprayable application
  • pH-balanced formula
  • Conditioning agents restore the natural shine


  • Smell like toxic vapors

5. The Universal Leather Cleaner

Since 1976, The Universal Leather Cleaner and Hi-tech Cloth for Shoes, Boots, Jackets, Furnitures, and Purses. Setting the Standards in Leather Care.

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as of March 23, 2024 1:10 pm


  • REMOVES DIRT AND STAINS Care & Cool Leather Cleaner’s advanced formula removes dirt accumulated over time and from environmental exposure, be it dust on furniture in the home, mud from the street on leather shoes and garments, or road grime on a motorbike seat and leathers. Such cleansing allows leather to breathe and retain its suppleness. While leaving an immediately pleasing sheen, the spray is also a vital first step in durably conditioning and restoring the beauty of your leather items.
  • PH BALANCED By protecting the PH balance of your leather items, Care & Cool Leather Cleaner contributes to the long-term protection of new leather and restoration of time-worn items.
  • FOR ALL LEATHER TYPES AND COLORS Apply Leather Cleaner to all types of products made of natural, patent and faux leather. Enjoy the clear hues and sheen of your shoes, clothes and furniture. Regardless of color or finish, LC penetrates the pores of leather objects to remove embedded dirt and restore that tone and finish you loved when you first wore or used them on the day of purchase.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CLOTH INCLUDED Apply Leather Cleaner with our cloth that is both hugely absorbent and washable. Superior to cloths supplied by rival products, it ensures maximum penetration to the very pores of leather items for breathability, rugged protection, and a revived finish. Leather Cleaner is also non-sticky, which means that once worked into your leather items you can confidently use them without risk to other objects, at home or outdoors.
  • SETTING THE STANDARDS IN LEATHER CARE SINCE 1976 For over 45 years, our company has been a trusted expert in leather care. Our formulas are crafted with the highest standards of quality, prioritizing exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers, delivering products that aim to exceed expectations. Trust us for your leather and keep it looking and feeling its best with our decades of experience in the industry.

Are you looking for an all-around leather cleaner that’s powerful enough to remove dirt and stains while also protecting the PH Balance of your leather items? Look no further than the Universal Leather Cleaner from Care & Cool.

This advanced formula is specifically designed to remove any dirt or grime accumulated over time effectively and from exposure to the environment – whether it’s road grime on a motorcycle seat, mud on leather shoes and garments, or dust on furniture in your home.

Equally importantly, this cleaner also helps maintain and restore the suppleness of leather items, as well as leaving behind an immediately pleasing sheen.

Best yet, the Universal Leather Cleaner is suitable for all types and colors of leather and comes with a high-quality cloth included! So you don’t need to worry about buying separate clothes for different types of leather anymore.

That means all you have to do is grab your bottle of Universal Leather Cleaner, quickly spray it on your item, wipe across with your included cloth, and you’re done! No more spending hours scrubbing off dirt by hand – save that precious energy for other pursuits!

Whether you want to ensure your car’s seats look good when driving around town or want something to keep your new sofa looking brand-new forever, the Universal Leather Cleaner is a perfect choice. So be sure to pick yours up today!



  • Sometimes it left an odd sticky residue.

6 Tips for Choosing a Leather Cleaner to Remove Sunscreen

1. Check the Ingredients

The first thing you should do when choosing a leather cleaner is to check the ingredients. You want to ensure that the cleaner is made with natural ingredients that will be gentle on your leather. Avoid cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, as these can damage your leather.

Choosing a Leather Cleaner

2. Consider Your Leather Type

Another thing to consider when choosing a leather cleaner is your leather type. Different types of leather require different cleaning methods, so you’ll want to make sure that you choose a cleaner that is specifically designed for your type of leather. For example, if you have suede leather, you’ll want to choose a cleaner that is designed for suede.

3. Test the Cleaner First

Before using any cleaner on your leather, it’s important to test it first. Apply a small amount of cleaner to an inconspicuous area of your leather and wait a few minutes to see how it reacts. If there is no adverse reaction, you can clean your entire piece of leather.

4. Follow the Instructions

Once you’ve chosen a cleaner and tested it on your leather, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Many cleaners require that you dilute them with water before use, so be sure to read the label carefully. Additionally, pay attention to the recommended cleaning method and be sure to follow it exactly.

5. Protect Your Leather After Cleaning

After you’ve cleaned your leather, it’s important to protect it from further damage. Apply a conditioner or protector after cleaning to help keep your leather hydrated and looking its best. Additionally, avoid exposing your leather to direct sunlight or extreme heat, as this can cause it to dry out and crack.

Apply a Conditioner to Leather

6. Choose a Reputable Brand

Finally, when choosing a leather cleaner, select a reputable brand. Look for brands that have been in business for many years and have a good reputation among customers.

This will help ensure that you are getting a quality product that will be an effective and safe product. Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to find the best leather cleaner to remove sunscreen from your leather.

Using Your Leather Cleaner

Once you have the right cleaner, it’s time to tackle that pesky sunscreen stain! First, apply a small amount of your cleaner directly onto the stain and gently rub it in with a soft cloth or sponge.

Work in small circles as you scrub until all of the sunscreens have been removed from the surface of your item. Once finished, wipe off any excess cleaner with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly with another clean cloth or towel. Be sure not to leave any excess moisture on your item, or it could cause mold growth over time.

If your item is particularly sensitive (like suede), test an inconspicuous area before applying your cleaner directly onto the stain. This way, you can ensure that it won’t damage or discolor your item before using it in more noticeable areas.

Things You Need to Know Before Using Leather Cleaner to Remove Sunscreen

Cleaning sunscreen off of leather furniture can be tedious and difficult, but with the right precautions, it doesn’t have to be! However, when considering using a leather cleaner to remove sunscreen from your furniture, you should bear a few things in mind.

Cleaning Sunscreen Off of Leather Furniture

Firstly, if sunscreen is left on leather for an extended period of time, it can cause discoloration or damage. Additionally, some products available will offer more thorough cleaning than others – make sure that you are using a product specifically recommended as safe for use on leather surfaces.

Finally, always take the necessary safety precautions when using chemical cleaners on any surface – wear gloves, read all instructions meticulously before use, and make sure you carry out a patch test in an inconspicuous place to ensure that your preferred solution won’t harm your furniture before jumping into a full-scale clean.

Taking these measures into consideration beforehand can help save time and frustration, leaving you with pristine furniture!

Benefits of Using Leather Cleaner to Remove Sunscreen

Sunscreen might protect us from UV rays and skin cancer, but it also can be tricky to remove from leather items. Wiping them with a cloth alone often won’t work, leading to smears and discoloration. However, if you use a specialized leather cleaner, it can safely and effectively remove sunscreen residue in one single step.

Not only does this save time and effort compared to traditional cleaning methods, but it will also preserve the natural look of your leather items for longer.

The careful mix of pH-balanced surfactants and solvents found in modern leather cleaners are well suited to remove sunscreen buildup without compromising any protective qualities of your leather items.

4 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Use Leather Cleaner to Remove Sunscreen

1. Not Testing the Leather Cleaner First

One of the most common mistakes people make when using a leather cleaner to remove sun damage is not testing the cleaner first. It’s important to test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the leather before using it on the damaged area. This will help you ensure that the cleaner won’t further damage the leather.

2. Not Following the Instructions

Another common mistake is not following the instructions that come with the leather cleaner. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using the cleaner. This will help you to avoid damaging the leather.

3. Not Using a Soft Cloth

When cleaning leather, it’s important to use a soft cloth. A soft cloth will help to avoid scratching the surface of the leather. Use a lint-free cloth if possible.

Use a Soft Cloth to Clean Leather

4. Not Drying the Leather Properly

After cleaning leather, it’s important to dry it properly. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe away any excess cleaner. Then, allow the leather to air dry completely before using it again.


Sunscreen stains on leather can be tricky, but they don’t have to be impossible! With these tips, you’ll be able to find and use just the right type of leather cleaner so that those tough sunscreen stains are no match for you, and your items will look good as new!

Whether dealing with furniture or clothing, taking care of tough stains like this doesn’t need to be difficult when armed with knowledge and an effective product designed specifically for leather materials!

So grab yourself some quality leather cleaner today and start tackling those stubborn sunscreen spills tomorrow! Thanks for reading our post about best leather cleaner to remove sunscreen.

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