How to Prevent Leather Shoes From Creasing

Are you tired of seeing your leather shoes creasing and losing their shape? Even if you only wear them occasionally, it’s easy for the leather to form permanent creases.

How to Prevent Leather Shoes From Creasing

If you’ve ever spent time looking for a perfect pair of leather shoes, you know the struggle is real in keeping them from creasing. Creases can take away from the look of your shoes and make them appear old and worn-out well before their time.

In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies that will help keep your leather shoes looking brand new no matter how long you have been wearing them. We’ll cover ways to clean and condition the material, techniques for stretching out tight spots, and how to prevent leather shoes from creasing to reduce the risk of future creasing. Get ready to say goodbye to wrinkled leather footwear!

What are the Causes of Creasing in Leather Shoes?

When you wear leather shoes, the material naturally flexes and bends when you walk. This is normal and won’t cause any damage if you don’t flex the material too much or too often. When leather becomes overly stretched and flexed, it forms creases that can become permanent over time.

Another common cause of shoe creasing is when your feet sweat inside the shoes; this can soften and weaken the leather in certain areas, making it more prone to developing wrinkles and creases.

Your Feet Sweat Inside the Shoes

Overall, you want to ensure that your leather shoes are adequately stretched and flexed while worn. Additionally, regular cleaning and conditioning the leather can help keep it soft and reduce the risk of creasing.

10 Easy Steps on How to Prevent Leather Shoes From Creasing

Step 1. Clean the Shoes:

To keep your leather shoes from creasing, cleaning them regularly is important. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the leather gently and a dry cloth to wipe away any excess moisture. Alternatively, you can also purchase a leather cleaner specifically designed for shoes.

Step 2. Condition the Leather:

After cleaning your shoes, condition the leather with a quality leather conditioner. This will help keep the material soft and supple, reducing the risk of creasing over time. If you’re looking for a natural option, beeswax can condition leather.

Step 3. Let Them Air Dry:

When you’re finished cleaning and conditioning your shoes, allow them to air dry completely before wearing them again or storing them away. This will help prevent creasing caused by sweat and moisture buildup inside the shoes when they’re being worn. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, which can cause the leather to fade and dry out.

Condition the Leather With a Quality Leather Conditioner

Step 4. Stretching Your Shoes:

If your leather shoes feel tight or uncomfortable, you can stretch them out using a shoe stretcher. This will help ensure plenty of room for your feet to move and flex as you walk, reducing the risk of crease lines forming in the leather. Be careful not to stretch the material too much, as this can cause it to become brittle over time.

Step 5. Wear the Shoes Frequently:

If you want to keep your leather shoes from creasing, it’s important to wear them often enough not to become overly stiff and dry out. Try alternating between different pairs of shoes to avoid wearing one pair too much and causing creases in the material. Another way to keep your leather shoes from creasing is to wear them with thick socks or shoe inserts.

Step 6. Insert Filler Material into Your Shoes:

When you’re not wearing your leather shoes, stuff them with filler material like newspaper or shoe trees to help maintain their shape. This will prevent the leather from forming creases and wrinkles when they’re not being worn. Additionally, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place.

Step 7. Avoid Water Damage:

It’s important to keep your leather shoes away from water, as this can cause irreversible damage, leading to creasing and weakening of the material. If they get wet, dry them completely before wearing them again or storing them away. Alternatively, you can also use a water-resistant spray to help protect your shoes from moisture damage.

Step 8. Clean up Salt Residue:

If you live in an area where roads are salted during winter, clean off any salt residue on your shoes as soon as possible. Salt can corrode and weaken the leather, making it more susceptible to creasing and damage. Don’t let salt buildup on your shoes go unnoticed for too long.

Step 9. Rotate Your Shoes:

Try rotating between different pairs of shoes when you’re going out, as this will help spread out the wear and tear on the material. This way, your favorite leather shoes won’t be overly stretched or flexed in one area, which can lead to permanent creasing. Keep your footwear up to date and looking good with this simple tip.

Step 10. Keep Them Stored Properly:

When you’re not wearing your shoes, ensure they are stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Keeping them clean and conditioned will also help maintain their shape and prevent unwanted creasing. Remember, don’t forget to stuff the shoes with filler material like newspaper or shoe trees before storing them away.

Stuff the Shoes With Filler Material

By following these steps, you can keep your leather shoes looking great for years! Whether you’re wearing them every day or just occasionally, taking the time to care for your shoes can go a long way in preserving their shape and preventing permanent creasing.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Use Shoe Trees. Shoe trees are a great way to help keep your leather shoes looking their best and free from creases. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit most shoe types, so invest in a pair for your leather shoes.

2. Sock It Up. If you wear your leather shoes throughout the day, consider slipping on a pair of thin socks before putting them on. This will help reduce friction between your feet and the leather, thus minimizing creases.

3. Wear Multiple Pairs in Rotation. Don’t wear the same leather shoes two days in row; this increases the chance of creasing as they won’t have time to return to their original shape when not worn.

4. Lube Them Up. Wax-based leather conditioners and lubes help prevent creasing by providing a barrier between the shoe and your foot. These can be purchased from most shoe stores and should be regularly applied as per the instructions on the packaging.

5. Go for Loafers or Slip-ons When Possible. Loafers and slip-ons don’t require lacing, so there is less pressure to create creases in the leather material around your heel area. They’re also incredibly stylish, making them a great choice regardless of whether you want to avoid creasing!

Following these tips will ensure that your leather shoes stay looking great at all times – no matter how long you wear them or where you go. With a bit of extra care, your leather shoes will remain in pristine condition!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t wear the same pair of leather shoes two days in a row.
  2. Avoid wearing uncomfortable or too-tight leather shoes.
  3. Don’t use shoe polish on leather shoes, as this can create an uneven finish that may cause creasing and cracking.
  4. Refrain from exposing your leather shoes to extreme temperatures, such as leaving them in direct sunlight for extended periods.
  5. Avoid excessive bending or twisting when putting on and taking off your leather shoes, as this will likely lead to creases forming over time.
Keep Your Leather Shoes From Creasing

Following these simple tips’ll help protect your leather shoes from developing any unsightly creases! With just some extra care, your leather shoes will continue to look their best for years.

Does Cheap Leather Crease Easily?

The quality of leather used in shoes plays a big role in how easily it creases. Cheaper leather materials are more prone to creasing than higher-end options as they lack the same strength and resilience.

Low-quality leather also tends to be thin, making it even easier for creases to form. If you want your leather shoes to remain free from creasing, invest in quality pieces made with premium-grade materials. This will help ensure that your shoes always look their best!

With these tips, you’ll be sure to keep your leather shoes looking sharp and crease-free for years to come.


With the tips and tricks explained in this blog post, it is easy to see that preventing creases in leather shoes can be done with a few simple steps. Taking the time to prevent them will save you money down the line and help keep your beloved leather shoes looking like new.

It is important to remember that every material and every situation is different, so your best solution might require some experimentation.

Keeping shoe trees handy, cleaning with the right materials, using polish to protect against wrinkles, and properly storing the shoes are all strategies for warding off creases as long as possible. Start implementing these methods today for optimal leather shoe care!

Hopefully, the article on how to prevent leather shoes from creasing has provided you with helpful information to help your shoes look their best and last a long time.

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