How to Hem Leather Pants

Suppose you have ever been in the market for a new pair of leather pants but didn’t want to spend the money on a full-price pair, Or maybe you already have a pair of leather pants, but they’re a little too short for your liking. Then, learning how to hem leather pants is a skill you’ll want to know. It is an easy process, but it’ll also save you from having to spend extra money on something that’s not quite perfect yet. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Hem Leather Pants

Leather pants are different than your average pair of pants in that they require a unique hemming technique. This is because leather is a thicker, more durable material and therefore requires a different approach to hemming. Many people leave the bottom of their leather pants unfinished, as it’s not that visible when they’re being worn. However, if you do want to hem your leather pants, there are a few different methods that you can use.

How to Hem Leather Pants Detailed Guide

Method 1: Hem Leather Pants By Sewing

Sewing is the most common way to hem leather pants. However, you can do it yourself with a few simple tools and practice.

You Will Need:

  • Leather pants
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler or seam gauge
  • Tailor’s chalk or a pencil
  • A seam ripper
  • Needle and thread in a color that matches the leather
  • Scissors
  • Iron and ironing board

Step 1: Determine How Much to Hem

Measure the inseam of your leather pants and divide that measurement by 2. Next, add 1 inch to that number. This is the amount you will need to hem each leg.

Step 2: Sew a Temporary Hem

Fold the bottom of each leg of the leather pants up 1 inch, and press it in place with an iron. Pin in place. Sew along the edge of the folded fabric using a straight stitch and a sewing machine. Make sure to backstitch at both ends of the seam. Remove the pins.

Sew along the edge of the folded fabric

Step 3: Try on the Leather Pants

Please put on the leather pants, and adjust them, so they are comfortable and fit well.

Step 4: Mark Where You Will Hem the Leather Pants

Use tailor’s chalk or a pencil to mark where you will need to sew the permanent hem. The marks should be 1 inch below where the temporary hem is sewn.

Step 5: Remove the Temporary Hem

Using a seam ripper, carefully remove the stitches of the temporary hem. Try not to damage the leather fabric as you remove the stitches.

Step 6: Fold Up the Permanent Hem

Fold up the leather pants at the marks you made earlier. Press in place with an iron. Pin in place.

Step 7: Sew the Permanent Hem

Sew along the edge of the folded fabric using a straight stitch and a sewing machine. Make sure to backstitch at both ends of the seam. Remove the pins.

Using a Straight Stitch

Step 8: Finish the Hem

Cut off any excess thread, and you’re done!

Method 2: Use Fray Check to Hem Leather Pants

If you don’t want to sew your hem, you can also use fray check to do the job for you. This liquid can be applied to the edge of the fabric to prevent it from fraying.

You Will Need:

  • FRAY CHECK or a similar product
  • Leather pants
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Small bowl

Step 1: Measure the Length You Want Your Pants to Be.

Use a measuring tape to measure the inseam of your leather pants from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg. Add 1/2 inch to this measurement to allow for hemming, and mark the new measurement with a piece of chalk.

Step 2: Cut Off the Excess Fabric.

Cut along the chalk line with scissors, being careful not to cut too much off.

Step 3: Apply Fray Check to the Edge of the Fabric.

Mix a small amount of fray check with water in a bowl, according to the instructions on the bottle. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it to the raw edge of the fabric. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 4: Iron the Edge of the Fabric.

Set your iron to the lowest heat setting and run it along the edge of the fabric to seal in the fray check. Allow the material to cool completely before continuing.

Run iron along the edge of the fabric

Step 5: Trim Any Excess Fray Check.

Once the fabric has cooled, trim off any excess fray check that is still visible. Your pants are now ready to wear!

Method 3: Hem Leather Pants With Glue

There is a third method you can use to hem leather pants, and that’s with glue. This method is a little more complicated than the other two, but it will give you a neater, more polished look.

You Will Need:

  • Leather pants
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Paper towels

Step 1: Cut a Strip of Leather

First, you’ll need to cut a strip of leather about 2 inches wide and the same length as the pants leg. You can use a ruler or a tape measure to ensure the strip is the right size.

Step 2: Apply Glue to the Strip

Next, apply glue to one side of the leather strip. Be sure to spread it evenly so that it will adhere properly.

Step 3: Attach the Strip to the Pant Leg

Then, attach the glued side of the strip to the inside of the pant leg. Make sure that it’s placed evenly around the circumference of the leg.

Step 4: Iron the Strip in Place

Once you’ve attached the strip, you’ll need to iron it. This will help set the glue and make sure that the strip stays put.

Step 5: Trim the Excess Leather

Finally, trim any excess leather sticking out from under the pant leg. You can use a pair of scissors to do this.

And there you have it! Your leather pants should now be appropriately hemmed.

Method 4: Use Grommets to Hem Leather Pants

If you want a more permanent solution for hemming leather pants, you can use grommets. This method is similar to the one above, but it’s more complicated and time-consuming.

You Will Need:

  • Leather pants
  • Grommets
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Anvil or block of wood

Step 1: Measure the Length You Want to Shorten Your Leather Pants.

Use a tape measure to determine how shorter your leather pants should be. Add 1 inch (2.5 cm) to this measurement to account for the seam allowance.

Step 2: Cut Off the Excess Fabric.

Cut off the excess fabric from your leather pants using scissors. Be sure to leave a 1-inch (2.5-cm) seam allowance.

Cut off the excess fabric

Step 3: Mark Where You Will Place the Grommets.

Fold up the bottom of your leather pants to hide the raw edge inside the fold. Use a pencil or pen to mark where you will place the grommets. Make sure that the marks are evenly spaced.

Step 4: Hammer the Grommets Into Place.

Place the grommets over the marks you made in Step 3. Then, use a hammer to pound them into place. Be careful not to hit your fingers!

Step 5: Sew the Seam.

Sew a seam along the bottom of your leather pants using a needle and thread. This will keep the grommets in place.

There you have it! Now you know how to hem leather pants using grommets.

Tips and Warnings


  • If you are unsure how to hem leather pants, it is always a good idea to take them to a professional.
  • When hemming leather pants, be sure to use a strong needle and thread that can withstand the challenging material.
  • Make sure the new hem is straight by using a ruler or other straight edge as a guide.


  • Hemming leather pants can be a difficult task, so take your time and be careful.
  • Do not use a sewing machine to hem leather pants, as it could damage the material.
  • If you make a mistake while hemming leather pants, you may have to cut them off and start from scratch.
Hemming Leather
Pants Can Be a Difficult

Where Can You Hem Your Leather Pants?

If you have a pair of leather pants that need hemming, you may be wondering where you can go to get this done. There are a few different places you can take them, depending on your needs and what type of hem you want.

One option is a tailor. A tailor can do a raw hem on leather pants, which will give them a neater appearance and make them look more finished. However, if you need a more complicated or custom hem, a tailor may not be the best option, as they may not be familiar with how to work with leather.

Another place to take your leather pants is to a shoe repair shop. They often do hems on pants, and they have the equipment necessary to do an excellent job on leather. They may also be able to do more complicated hems than a tailor can.

Finally, you can take your leather pants to a leatherworker. This is the best option if you need a custom hem or if you have any other alterations done to your leather pants. Leatherworkers have the knowledge and experience necessary to work with this type of material, and they can create a hem that looks great and will last a long time.

No matter where you take your leather pants for hemming, make sure to ask about the cost ahead of time. Hemming leather can be a bit more expensive than hemming other fabric types, so you’ll want to be prepared for that before getting your pants altered.

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Can You Get Leather Pants Altered?

Leather pants are a popular garment for both men and women. They can be dressy or casual, making them perfect for various occasions. However, sometimes leather pants may not fit quite right when you first purchase them. For example, if the waist is too large or the legs are too tight, you may need them altered. Luckily, this is a service that many tailors offer.

Before you take your leather pants to be altered, make sure you know exactly what needs to be done. For example, many tailors offer hemming services, but not all do alterations on leather clothing. Additionally, some tailors may charge more for alterations on leather garments than they would for other fabrics. So, it’s essential to ask about pricing and services before you bring your pants in.

Once you’ve found a tailor that can alter your leather pants, they will likely take several measurements. This ensures that the alterations are done correctly and that the final product looks great. The tailor may also ask you to try on the pants so that they can see how they fit and make any necessary adjustments.

Altering leather pants is generally a relatively straightforward process, but it’s essential to find a qualified tailor who has experience working with this type of fabric. With the right alterations, your leather pants will fit better than ever, and you’ll be able to enjoy wearing them for many years to come.

Make Any
Necessary Adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Hem Leather Pants?

Yes, you can hem leather pants. However, before you can do so, you will need to clean them first. Apply a degreaser to the inside and outside of the pants and allow them to soak for a few hours. Wring out the water and let the pants dry completely. Once they are dry, use a zigzag stitch to hem them.

Can You Hem Fake Leather Pants?

There are many ways to hems fake leather pants, but the simplest and most common is to use a hem tape. This sticky product comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, so it’s easy to find something that matches your style. Simply remove the desired amount of fabric from the pant leg, place the hem tape on top of it, and press down firmly. Then pull up on both ends of the tape until you have an even seam across your pant leg. When finished, wash articles separately in warm water with mild soap before putting them away for future wear.

Is Hem Tape Permanent?

Generally speaking Hem Tape is considered temporary. This tape comes in a variety of designs and colors that can be applied easily and removed painlessly with water or soap. However, if you experience any skin irritation or excessive sweatiness after wearing Hem Tape, then it may be necessary to remove it sooner than anticipated.

Overall, Hem Tape is an easy way to spice up your life visually while protecting your body from uncomfortable weather conditions or accidents.

What Kind of Tape Do You Use to Hem Pants?

Hemming pants is a simple task that many people forget to do. If you’re hemming pants yourself, there are two types of tape that you may want to use: bias binding and zigzag binding. Bias or straight-line binding uses a wide strip of adhesive tape along the edge of the pant leg and pulls it tight as you sew. This method is less likely to cause wrinkles in the fabric than zigzag binding, which uses short strips of adhesive on both sides of the seam.

Uses a Wide Strip of Adhesive Tape

Zigzagbinding can be used if your sewing machine has an automatic thread cutter, but bias Binding is usually preferable because it’s more secure and gives a neater finish.


Now that you know how to hem leather pants, you can get started on your project. Leather can be a tricky fabric to work with, but it can be easy to hem like a pro with the right tools and techniques. Follow these steps closely, and you’ll have beautiful new leather pants in no time!

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