How to Make Medicine Bags

Crafting medicine bags is a deeply meaningful and ancient art that transcends time and culture. These small, intricately designed pouches have been used by various indigenous communities across the world for centuries to hold sacred items, herbs, and healing artifacts.

How to Make Medicine Bags

Today, making medicine bags has found a place in modern holistic practices and personal spirituality, offering a tangible connection to nature, healing, and one’s inner self.

In this enlightening guide, we will embark on a journey into the age-old tradition of crafting medicine bags, exploring the profound significance behind these tiny treasures and providing you with a step-by-step blueprint on how to make medicine bags.

Whether you seek a vessel for carrying precious herbs, crystals, or symbols of personal significance, or simply wish to embrace the meditative and therapeutic aspects of handcrafting, this article will guide you through the art of making medicine bags and help you infuse them with your unique energy and purpose.

What Is a Medicine Bag?

Medicine bags are an ancient spiritual tool used by shamans, healers, and medicine people throughout the world for thousands of years. Traditionally, they were filled with sacred items such as herbs, crystals, feathers or other objects of personal significance that act as reminders of spirit guides or to focus intention during rituals.

They are believed to bring healing and balance to the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Today, many people make their own medicine bags to honor their connection with the natural world and as a way to carry spiritual protection wherever they go.

The Historical and Cultural Significance of Medicine Bags

Medicine bags are historically rooted in many cultures around the world. In Native American cultures, they were used as a way to carry sacred items and hold powerful objects like crystals or herbs.

Medicine bags are also known by other names such as medicine pouches, charm bags, and amulet sacks. These special pouches typically contain items that have been blessed and imbued with the owner’s prayers for protection and healing.

The making of medicine bags is a deeply personal experience, and each one is unique to its creator. To make your own medicine bag, you will need some supplies like fabric, thread, leather or suede, charms or medallions, feathers, and other small objects with special meaning to you.

To begin creating your own medicine bag, pick a fabric that is meaningful to you and cut it into two equal-sized pieces. Then sew the two pieces together using strong thread – this will be the base of your bag.

Variations of Medicine Bags in Different Indigenous Cultures

Medicine bags are not just a single practice found in one culture. In fact, the use of medicine bags have been seen throughout various nations and tribes who have used them as part of their spiritual practices for centuries.

Strong and Durable Thread or Sinew

For example, many Native American cultures have used medicine bags since ancient times to store herbs and other natural materials that were believed to possess healing and spiritual powers. The Apache believed that medicine bags could be used to carry prayers and other personal items used for rituals or ceremonies.

The Lakota, a Native American people located in the Northern Great Plains, also have their own version of the medicine bag called a “sacred bundle” which is believed to contain powerful spiritual forces which are tied to an individual’s identity. The medicine man or woman of the tribe would pocket this bundle and use it to cure diseases and illnesses through healing rituals and prayers.

10 Steps How to Make Medicine Bags

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Before you embark on crafting a medicine bag, it’s essential to gather all the necessary materials and tools. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:


Fabric or Leather: Choose a material that resonates with you and aligns with your purpose for the medicine bag.

Thread or Sinew: Strong and durable thread or sinew for sewing.

Needles: Sewing needles appropriate for your chosen material.

Scissors: Sharp scissors for cutting fabric or leather.

Decorative Elements: Beads, feathers, gemstones, or other embellishments that hold significance for you.

Herbs or Crystals: Select herbs or crystals that align with your intentions for the medicine bag.


Cutting Tools: Such as fabric scissors or a rotary cutter.

Pliers: For working with beads, feathers, or other embellishments.

Sewing Machine (optional): If you prefer to use a sewing machine for faster stitching.

Ruler or Measuring Tape: To ensure precise measurements.

Cut the Pieces Needed to Construct Your Bag

Step 2: Define Your Purpose

Before you start crafting your medicine bag, take a moment to define its purpose. What do you want this bag to represent or assist with? It could be for healing, protection, guidance, or any other intention. Your bag’s purpose will guide your choice of materials and the items you’ll place inside.

Step 3: Choose Your Material and Design

Select the fabric or leather that resonates with your intention. Consider colors, patterns, and textures that align with your purpose. Remember that natural materials are often preferred due to their connection to the Earth. Once chosen, design the shape and size of your bag. A common shape is a simple pouch with a drawstring closure, but you can get creative and design your bag to reflect your vision.

Step 4: Cut and Prepare the Material

Using your chosen material, carefully cut the pieces needed to construct your bag. You’ll typically need two identical pieces for the front and back. If you want to include a flap or extra pockets, cut those pieces as well. Ensure that all edges are neat and even.

Step 5: Stitch the Bag

If you’re hand-stitching, use a strong thread or sinew and a needle appropriate for your material. Begin stitching the front and back pieces of your bag together, leaving an opening at the top for the bag’s mouth. Ensure your stitches are tight and secure. If you prefer to use a sewing machine, sew around the edges, leaving the top open.

A Needle Appropriate for Your Material

Step 6: Add a Closure Method

Depending on your design, you can add a closure method to your medicine bag. A common choice is a drawstring closure using a cord or leather thong. Sew or attach the closure method near the bag’s mouth.

Step 7: Decorate and Embellish

This step is where you can infuse your bag with personal symbolism and intention. Add beads, feathers, gemstones, or other embellishments that hold meaning for you. These elements can represent your connection to nature, spirit guides, or the energies you wish to harness.

Step 8: Fill with Intentions

Once your bag is decorated and prepared, it’s time to fill it with your chosen herbs, crystals, or other items that align with your intention. As you place each item inside, focus on your purpose and infuse your energy into the bag’s contents.

Step 9: Seal the Bag

Seal the bag’s energy and contents with a final intention or blessing. You can speak your intention aloud or silently as you tie the drawstring or close the flap. This step is crucial for ensuring that the bag serves its purpose.

Step 10: Care and Connection

Treat your medicine bag with care and reverence. Carry it with you or place it in a sacred space, depending on your intention. Periodically reconnect with your bag, recharge its energy, and refresh its contents if needed.

Things to Consider When Making Medicine Bags

When making your own medicine bag, there are a few key considerations that you should take into account.

First, think about what purpose the medicine bag will serve – it could be for protection, healing or cleansing. You may also want to think about the type of energy you’d like to bring into the bag and any specific items that you would like to include.

Next, determine the type of material you’d like to use for your bag. Leather is a popular choice due to its durability and strength, but it can also be made with fabric or other materials that are available. You may also want to choose colors that represent the purpose of the medicine bag and pick items such as feathers or charms that will add symbolic meaning.

Choose Colors That Represent the Purpose

One important thing to remember when making a medicine bag is that it should only be used for its intended purpose and never opened without permission. It’s also important to keep the bag away from animals or people who are not familiar with the spiritual symbolism attached to the item.


Making medicine bags is an incredibly rewarding experience that can bring many personal benefits. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process and you don’t even have to be crafty to make one!

All it takes is for you to create something meaningful that reflects your spiritual and cultural values or simply inspires you. Making a medicine bag might be a personal journey of self-discovery as well as providing comfort in uncertain times.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on creating your very own medicine bag with these simple instructions and enjoy the power of healing, comfort, and connection it gives. Thanks for reading, and we hope this has given you some inspiration on how to make medicine bags!

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